Orchid Clinic, 2015
For Art in Odd Places RECALL, October 7-11, 2015
Union Square Green Market, with flower vendors, October 9 and 10
As a public engagement and community service, free consultations on growing orchids, a continuation of “Homesick” series, a nostalgia reminder of tropical home in Thailand.

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Timeline, 2015
For No Longer Empty, When You Cut Into the Present the Future Leaks Out
At The Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, 878 Brook Avenue
A room installation with:
Joel Holub, Codicil, performance
Jeffrey Steven Gottesfeld, after Bluemner, window installation

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Borneo Odyssey a representation of A Brief Report of a Journey up the Rejang River, 2014

Artist-in-residence 2013-2014 at Penn Museum, Philadelphia

Interdisciplinary performance created from the Archives of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The performance is based on the 1896-1898 expeditions to Borneo made by William H. Furness, Alfred C. Harrison, and Hiram M. Hiller. Hiller’s “A Brief Report of a Journey up the Rejang River in Borneo” is recounted on stage by a talking Orangutan, the main character, inspired by the story of Furness raising chimpanzees and orangutans, and his experiments teaching them basic human speech. Contemporary use of historical sources follows a creative approach “re-imagine”, to re-envisage concept of time, identity, history, and memory. Hiller’s colorful descriptive lecture enabled his nineteenth century listeners to visualize images of landscape, people, or sounds of nature. For this project, the creative challenges include limitation of available image archives to coincide with the lecture, as well as decisions of what to include and exclude, degrees of fictionalization, and the burden of entertainment to engage today’s audience.

Additional artists/contributors:
Joel Holub: Orangutan (performer), co-script writer, and stage directions
Theodore Kersten: Principal composer
Jeffrey Steven Gottesfeld: Furness (performer)
Leesa Abahuni: Composer, video and sound editor
Stephen Gauci: Musician
Katia Berg: Video and sound engineer
Karen Ostrom: Video and sound engineer
Eric Schnittke: Lantern projectionist
Collection makers: Marti Cormand, Celeste Fichter, Toma Fichter
Helpers-performers: Carmen Guzman, Nina Simoneaux, Kate, Minou, and Shapoor Pourshariati

Running Time of entire piece: 31 minutes 50 second
Vimeo links:
(Full length):
Vimeo link to Excerpt 1: (2-4 min.)
Vimeo link to Excerpt 2: (2-4 min.)

Web links:’s-1896-1898-expedition-to-borneo-inspires-borneo-odyssey,-an-experimental-performance-piece,-saturday,-august-23-and-september-13,-at-3-00-pm.html






Random Haikus, 2014
Sand, acrylic and graphite on hardboards, 5” x 7” each










Nostalgia for exotic landscape
Artist as Traveler: Myanmar, 2012
Color photograph, glass beads, glitters, graphite powder, sand, soil, and spices on acrylic board, 8” x 10” x ¾”






Violence Self Internet
Fire Wheel, 2010-2011
Graphite, acrylic on Saint Armand Innes paper, 18” x 24"





Cat. Alba, 2011
Iron-on print transfer of digital collage, acrylic on Mulberry paper, 22” x 19”







The Words
Asian/Roses, 2007. Graphite, acrylic, water-soluble bronze ink, wax pastel, transparent watercolor, newspaper cutouts, on Arches Aquarelle paper, 22” x 30”
Personal Descriptions I, 2007. Newspaper cutouts, water-soluble wax pastel, and acrylic on watercolor paper, 8 1/2” x 11”
Neon, 2010. Single line neon, mounted to black beer style frames with Tech transformer attached to back. Size each approx: 17 ½ “ L x 6” H x 4” D. Weight each: 2 lbs. or less
Happiness/Rose, 2010. Graphite, acrylic, newspaper cutouts on Saint Armand Innes paper, 18” x 24”








Migration Les femmes en route
Les femmes en route
Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas Series, 2001
Ink jet prints, graphite, acrylic and metallic medium on paper
Dimensions: One-page: 15” x 11 3/8”, Two-page: 14 ¾” x 21 5/8”
Les femmes en route: Magnificent Journey, 2003
Light box, Inkjet, Plexiglas, fluorescent light, 11 ½” x 55” x 4 ½”
Rubyscape, 2000
Digital collage, Various dimensions






Migration Fever
Les femmes en route: Pageant Fever, 2000
Inkjet, enamel nail polish paint, 4” x4”
Economy Class Beauties: Thai Borompimarn on Frosted Wild Orchid #622 II (gold/purple)
Economy Class Beauties: Thai Chakri on Lustre A Ongles #482B (pink/pale yellow)
Business Class Beauties: Thai Chitrlada on Lustre A Ongles #482B (red/pale yellow)
First Class Beauties: Thai Chitrlada on Frosted Ice Starry Nites #633 (red/navy blue)
Ship Fever, 1999
Inkjet, various dimensions





Skulls and Bones, 2010
Graphite pencils on Saint Armand Innes paper, 24” x 18”








Media and Religion The Erotic Body, 2006-2007
Graphite, newspaper cut out, and acrylic on Kraft paper, 9” x 12”




Migration The Lightboxes
Ruby, The Homebody: An Island Story I, Ruby, The Homebody: An Island Story II, The Arrival, Purple Glory, Golden Descent, Magnificent Travellers,
Light boxes, print, enamel and acrylic paint, Rhoplex, glass sheets, fluorescent light,
10 ½” x 12 ½” x 4 ¼”
Nari Pala, Women Mango Fruit Tree,
Prints from watercolor pencil drawings transferred on Plexiglas sheets, fluorescent light, 18” x 15” x 4 ½”







The Property of A Lady
An Impressive Emerald and Diamond Lavaliere,
2007. Shaved graphite and metallic powder, acrylic medium, and graphite wash on vellum, 36” x 23 3/4”
The Property of A LADY: An Attractive Antique Emerald Diamond and Pearl Necklace circa 1880,
2007. Graphite, aquarelle pencils, and acrylic on vellum, 36” x 24”
Festoon Tiara C. 1830 German Gold, silver, button and pear pearls, diamonds, 2007. Shaved graphite and metallic powder, acrylic medium, and graphite wash on vellum, 29” x 18”
Londonderry Tiara 1854 R.S. Garrard & Co., English, Gold, Silver and Diamonds,
2007. Shaved graphite and metallic powder, acrylic medium, and graphite wash on vellum, 23” x 29”






Magnificent Inheritance and Autoimmune Diseases, 1995-1996
Various Single pearls, and bone
Soft Tissue Tumors with Fresh Water Pearls
Soft Tissue Tumors with An Important Ruby Necklace
Important Baroque South Sea Culture Pearl and Tahitian Black Cultured Pearls
Urine Casts with Important Single Diamonds
Soft Tissue Tumors with Attractive Cabochon Ruby
Soft Tissue Tumors with a Rare Belle Époque Diamond Tiara









Sex and War, 2001
Digital photo-collage, various dimensions
A Prince’s Palace
Roar!!! Miss Universe
Victory of the Goddess
Friendly Pornography
Magazine and photo cut outs








Homesick, 1985-1992
Don’t Forget to Remember
Rattan chair, print, clay, 19” x 14” 15”
Scented Rice II
Jasmine rice, rhinestone, canvas, 15” x 15” x 5”
Mosquito Net
Cheese cloth, 84” x 72” x 48”
Cardboard, plastic, wood, plaster, X ray, foamcore, artificial turf, 66 ½” x 32 ½”
Waterfall May 1, 1991
Color photograph, candles, wax, wood, 12” x 10” x 3”
A sickness of the heart that can only be cured by gold
Fly traps, gold leafs, electrical fans and light bulbs, linoleum tile, 4” diameter











Butterfly Migration, 2007.
Print on Swarovski crystals, wood, metal pins, chains, and clips.
12” x 58” x 40” overall, installation and detail view at Wave Hill House, NY







Tell Me A Story / Chinatown IN/FLUX, PA, 2005
Text & image on Strass & Swarovski crystals, metal findings, 86” x 3” each







Grand Concourse Time line, 2009
112 3-M vinyl panels, 9” x 9” each, installation,
Intersections The Grand Concourse at 100, The Bronx Museum of the Arts








Orbis Venustas, 2001
TOP: Design proposal, BELOW: Float glass painting
9 glass panels, overall dimensions 116” x 145”
NYC Board of Education, NYC School Construction Authority, and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program




A Secret Garden: There’s No Place Like Home, 2006
Faceted glass. NYC MTA Arts For Transit, 233rd St. Subway Station, White Plains Rd. Lines, #2 & #5, Bronx








Skowmon Hastanan born in Thailand; lives and works in NYC since 1973. She received BFA from the School of Visual Arts,and exhibited at various venues. Solo shows in NYC include The Bronx Museum Project Space, Monk Gallery, Jamaica Center for Arts, and Longwood Arts Gallery. Select group shows are The Krause Gallery, NYC, The Women’s Building in San Francisco, the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center For Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum, Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College, MA, Aljira A Center For Contemporary Art, NJ, Wave Hill, NYC, and Real Art Ways at Hartford, CT. She received commissions from NYC/MTA Arts for Transit 2006, The NYC Percent for Art, Department of Cultural Affairs, Board of Education and Construction Authority 2001, Asian Arts Initiative’s, Philadelphia Exhibition Initiative, The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Pennsylvania Humanities Council 2005. She is a recipient of fellowships including the Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Italy 2010, the Urban Artist Initiative/NYC 2008, and The Lambent Fellowships in the Arts at The Tides Foundation 2007, awarded local grants from BRIC/Brooklyn Arts & Media 2000, BRIO/The Bronx Council on the Arts 2011. She co-organized exhibitions for Godzilla, an Asian American Artist Network, including The Curio Shop at Artist’s Space 1992, and Urban Encounter at The New Museum 1998; worked as curatorial administrator and registrar at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Art In General, Lehman College Art Gallery, and The Queens Museum of Art. Recently participated in art education workshops at The Bard Graduate Center, NYC, a visiting artist and mentor to high school seniors at Dream Yard Out of School Program/The Bronx Art Collective. Her works has been written about in Art In America, Bangkok Post, The Nation (Thailand), The New York Times, New York Newsday, and in academic publications such as Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University, Fordham University Press, and San Francisco State University (California State). Her works are included in collections of Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Italy, Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College, MA and private collections.




Transplant/transculture, Wave Hill, NY 2006

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